The Legalities of Buying Dianabol in the UK

Dianabol is also known as Methandrostenolone; Methandienone is a type of performance-enhancing drug that has been popular with the people of the sports community.  The use of this anabolic steroid has been done for decades and has been effectively used by people in all generations. The popularity of the product has increased in this time and age. The legalities of steroid vary in different countries. One must carefully check the status of the steroid before use in respective country to avoid facing legal actions.


Dianabol is a synthetic derivative of the naturally present testosterone hormone of the body. This is a very popular anabolic and had been initially introduced in 1958 by Dr John Zieger into the drug market by Ciba Pharmaceutical.  The steroid had been initially listed to contain many effective functions but was mainly used as a performance enhancing drug.  It was a fast acting steroid that contains the anabolic property of testosterone with less androgenicity. It leads to increase in the muscle mass of the body which is favoured by the bodybuilders that require it to get their ideal built.  The steroid increases the overall strength of the body giving its user an additive advantage over its competition. It is due to this reason that Dianabol has been much favoured by athletes.  The popularity of the anabolic can also lead to the high demand of this drug for use which leads to some problems.  The legality of the drug use is questionable and falls in the grey areas.  Though it is not illegal to sell Dianabol in the UK, a person found possessing large quantities of the drug is susceptible to legal actions.

In spite of all these drawbacks, people are ready to take the chances as they are benefited by the use of this anabolic. The gains with the frequent use of it are unmatched by others in the same group.

Effects of Dianabol use

The effect of Dianabol use has more pros to the cons. It leads to the increase in the muscle mass by more nitrogen retention by the body due to an enhanced rate of protein synthesis. It increases the body strength and leaner muscle mass. The use of this anabolic leads to permanent gains which are retained even after the end of the cycle. It can cause an increase in the testosterone levels in the body. The increased use of the drug leads to the availability of the drug on most online sites.

Legal status of Dianabol in the UK

The use of Dianabol in many countries is restricted due to legal bans and restrictions of the country. This anabolic falls under the group of the Control Substance III class, which means that the drug cannot be obtained from the medical stores without the doctor’s prescription.  The doctors would never give you a prescription for an increase in muscle mass to bodybuilders. In such cases, people are only left with one choice to obtain the same from online sites. It is not illegal to sell Dianabol in the UK but people possessing this drug in large quantities can face problems.  It is popular, and the use of this steroid should be done carefully to avoid health issues.