More about Bronchial asthma and Vitamin D

Another article searching at the significance of vitamin D in patients with bronchial asthma just been printed in Annals of Allergy, Bronchial asthma, and  Immunology.

The authors, MS Sandhu and TB Casele, explain that evidence shows that vitamin D deficiency is connected with lung airway over-responsiveness, worse bronchial asthma control, and perhaps resistance of bronchial asthma patients having the ability to react to steroid treatment.

They explain the cells within the lung show high levels of the enzyme essential to convert vitamin D towards the activated vitamin D inside the lung.

This activated vitamin D continues to be proven to hinder the output of certain molecules that promote inflammation within the lung. Therefore getting sufficient vitamin D would lead to less lung inflammation, the reason for bronchial asthma.

Additionally they explain that vitamin D within the lung helps manufacture several natural anti-infective molecules that will help prevent infections, like bronchitis.

The authors made the hypothesis that vitamin D supplementation can lead to improved bronchial asthma control, and even that is what I see within my practice. Our patients with bronchial asthma get their vitamin D levels enhanced.

If you and your family members have issues with bronchial asthma, including childhood bronchial asthma make sure your vitamin D levels are enhanced.