Major Hearing Aid Developments

As one would expect, almost every industry is experiencing surges in development, mainly due to digital technology, and the hearing aid industry is certainly no exception. Several leading hearing aid manufacturers have been working closely with Apple, to provide a comprehensive integration of the mobile device and the hearing aid, and with Bluetooth connectivity, wireless solutions have finally arrived. Not only that, digital hearing aids are powered by quad core technology, and with special noise filtering systems in place, the hearing experience is greatly enhanced.

Online Suppliers

Sourcing the latest range of digital hearing aids is not as difficult as you might think, and if you would like to know more about resound linx 3D hearing aids in London,for example, there are established providers who are skilled in both the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of hearing loss. An online retailer would have pages of product information, which helps you to make an informed decision when selecting a hearing aid.

Apple Ready Solutions

Most of us are using Apple devices, and with that in mind, several hearing aid makers have joined forces with Apple and the result is a system that fully integrates with the mobile device, and that allows the user to stream their audio from a movie or mp3 files, directly through their hearing aid. There are a variety of earpiece solutions, with a silicone dome in an open ear being a popular choice, while if you really want dependability for an active lifestyle, you can have customised ear units that fit snugly and will not move, even when you are playing sport.

Enhanced Fitting

Digital technology allows for the technician to adjust the device to suit the user perfectly, and this can often be done remotely, and by making these minute adjustments, the user has a more enriched listening experience.  If you live in the South of England, there are established companies where you can have hearing tests, and the resident experts would recommend the best solution to meet your hearing needs.

Rechargeable Units

For the busy entrepreneur who is always on the move, rechargeable hearing aids that utilise a lithium-ion battery, gives you 24-hours of full use from a single 3-hour charge, and this allows a person complete wireless connectivity.

Professional Assistance

It isn’t wise to rush out and buy the latest hearing aid, at least not until you have had a thorough examination that would include special hearing tests, and if the experts felt that a hearing aid is the solution, they can then make a suitable recommendation. It might be that you need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, and you can only discover the best solution by having the right tests.

While no one wishes to suffer with hearing problems, if it does happen, it is comforting to know that there is help available, in the form of digital hearing aids that can restore a person’s hearing, whatever the environment.