Best Mode to Deal with Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth could be trouble for most people. They would struggle with their favourite foods and drinks. It could hurt their teeth in the worst manner. The pain of feeling something too hot and too cold could leave you in extreme pain. This pain would make people desperate to switch their toothpaste, change their diet plan and make emergency visit to the dentist. However, that should not have to be the case. A number of things could cause tooth sensitivity. You could deal with some things on your own.

Brushing too hard

You may be regular with your brushing regime. However, the point to ponder upon would be are you brushing too hard. You do not have to be aggressive with your brushing. You cannot shine your teeth with aggressive brushing technique. Although, you would be removing plaque, hard brushing would also remove the defensive layers of your teeth. With the softer side of the teeth exposed to extreme temperatures, you would feel pain. You should use brush with soft bristles. Your brushing technique should be gentle and smooth.

Building up of plaque

A common cause of tooth sensitivity would be plaque build up. In case you do not brush your teeth often of you have been brushing too lightly, you would be leaving plaque on your teeth. It would gradually erode the enamel, which would leave to tooth sensitivity. You could prevent plaque build up by regular brushing twice a day. You should also attend your dental appointments regularly.

Do not use harsh dental products

You would relish having a beautiful smile, but some teeth whiteners could be harsh on your teeth. A number of teeth whiteners have been known to contain agents that could aggravate your teeth and heightened sensitivity. In case, you find your teeth to be sensitive while brushing or using mouthwash, you should try to change the product and search for medicated products without the whitening agents.

Teeth grinding

Most people grind their teeth during sleep, which may cause damage to tooth enamel. The exposure of nerves may cause sensitive teeth. You would be required to take care of your extremely sensitive teeth during dental check up. However, in order to seek sure for teeth grinding, you should search for relaxing activities before going to bed. It would help you relax and not remained stressed during sleep. You could also make use of mouth guard to stop teeth grinding during sleep.

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