All You Need To Know About Losing Cellulite

That lumpy and dimpled look of the skin, especially around the thighs and butt, is anything but pretty. Cellulite is a common problem, mostly seen in women. Unlike what you might think, cellulite can happen to both thin and plus-size women, and it is possible to manage it. In this post, we will talk about dealing with cellulite with a better mind.

What’s cellulite?

Well, cellulite is nothing but normal fat beneath the skin. It pushes against the connective tissue, which causes the skin to pucker. There are many reasons that can trigger cellulite, including diet and lifestyle choices, slow metabolism rate, lack of physical activity and dehydration, although the major causes include hormonal changes and inflammation. Over 80% women have cellulite, and it’s less visible on thick and dark skin.

How to manage cellulite?

You will find a lot of tips on lifestyle changes that can help in minimizing cellulite, but these are more like habits, and it may take long before you start seeing a noticeable difference. Tropical ointments are also effective to a limited extent. No wonder, people often select a weight loss clinic for further help. There are a few non-invasive procedures, such as SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction, that can help in managing cellulite.

What’s SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction?

Also known to many as cellulite contouring, this is a non-invasive and FDA approved procedure for reducing cellulite. Using a technology called Photomology, SmoothShapes® system helps in dealing with cellulite in a better way. Basically, the treatment involves the use of light energy and dynamic laser, which are used to heat fat of the cells, and the liquid fat is then removed out of the body through the lymphatic system. This is a fairly easy procedure and also involves the use of contoured rollers and massages, which helps in removing the fat. The results of SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction can last up to 6 months, which is better than most ointments and other procedures. You will find a lot of details online regarding the procedure, and it is considered among the best options.

Of course, you have to change your lifestyle, especially if you want long term results. Start eating healthy and include at least an hour physical activity each day. It is a way of good life, which can help in keeping cellulite and fat at bay. Consult with your doctor to know more about SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction and the possible results.